Building a world-class brand doesn’t happen accidentally. It is the result of considerable creativity, skill, vision and expertise and the application of great enthusiasm and persistence. It requires the concentrated input of experts, creatives and project managers … the result – a brand strategy, story and experience that’s elegantly simple, fresh and engaging – becomes an asset that powers your business success.

Greats brands are formed from the unique truth and the vision of an organisation and its products (and its leader’s beliefs) … great brands are born from an idea and its unique capabilities and opportunities. The science and art of brand development are applied to building a strategic platform that uniquely captures who you, and what your products are.

Brand architecture

Great brands are built to last. They optimize for ‘now’ and they plan for tomorrow. Catalysto will build a coherent brand architecture to make the full scope of your organization and the unique value of your products/services clear and accessible, and ensure your brand stays focused over time.

Brand Loyalty

Effective brand loyalty initiatives make every colleague into a brand evangelist. We’ll get your people focussed, enthusiastic and pointed in the right direction … working as a team toward a common goal.

Brand Voice

Effective brands are unique … so they have a unique tone-of-voice. There’s a tone and style that’s unique to your organisation and products – it is your organization’s unmistakable character. We help you develop it.


This is the unique gateway to your brand experience – helping to shape people’s first impressions. The impressions that count. We will create names that set you apart from the competition – we will fill them with value.


First impressions are always visual impressions. We design elegant identities and visual systems that illuminate, enhance and expand the core tenets of your brand – and make them believable. People love what they see before they love what they experience!

Communications Strategy

Every organization and product has multiple audiences, internal and external – specific and general, casual and committed. We define how you can systematically address each group’s specific interests, and tell your story to the right people in the right way, making it believable and important When your customers encounter your company brand, your service or product offering in their daily lives, the environment affects their thoughts and emotions—which, in turn, influences their behaviour.

Catalysto creates intelligent, engaging environments that help your customers. We help them understand where to look, what to do, how to complete transactions and where to get help. We help them believe in what you are offering. We help your staff and stakeholders believe … and we help you believe.